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Weapon Guide for Black Ops 2

The ballistics CPU black ops 2 attachments first entry to the call of Duty Series follow its effects all similar to modern warfare 3 stability weapon proficiency with in real life bullets can be unpredictable things once they leave a weapons barreled the subject to gravity, altitude, wind speed, and dragged and the longer the shock the more variables that will prove significant.

 In recent years military snipers have started to make use of handheld PDA ballistic units to provide some assistance on the targeting front. Automatically accounting for atmospheric conditions and the local wind speed to help nail a very long range shot the very first time.

SNIPER often relies on for sure precision this on hand accuracy is often worth the investment and it's likely that in the future will see such electronics fully integrated into a sniper rifle system. The ballistics CPU is available exclusively to the sniper rifle category no other weapon class may equip it is incompatible with the close range optics available for the sniper rifles you cannot bear the CPU with either the scope nor the blisters on site be tensions effect is very straightforward with no down.
So it's whatsoever few rivals title so I will start in will be reduced by 30 percent  this will make it easier to rest your cross as on to target without the need to hold your breath and as such can prove useful for uninterrupted coverage a Ceylon with you one shot rifle were nice touches the LCD display on the CPA it shows not only the caliber of the weapon you currently using but also comes equipped with a digital rangefinder indicating the distance in feet to the target ahead the ballistics CPU is a universally beneficial attention.

They will make your sniper rifle easier to handle its way reducing effects for most useful for long-range sniping roles for the sways divergence becomes more significant because it's such a range as you might want to simply hold your breath instead for the stabilization is limited to five seconds so far more sustain sniping reduced base level so it can be a nice convenience the attachment is less useful for close-range bills if you plan to take an aggressive tack with your rifle this way reductions won't do you much good still there's no downside to electing suspension so if you're seeking a simple way to steady your scope and make your rifle easier to handle any other option simply does not compute BEC thanks for watching this has been exposed to avoid that's less severe tensions so join me next on as I wrap up the weapon guide until then farewell.